Practice Masters, Inc. is headquartered in western Pennsylvania and provides the following services:

  • Forensic Auditing: Practice Masters, Inc. provides independent expert analysis in civil recoupment as well as civil/criminal fraud cases on behalf of healthcare providers, insurance carriers and the government. Issues within our scope include coding, documentation content compliance, medical necessity and analysis of the validity of purported statistical sampling and overpayment estimation processes.
  • Compliance Consulting: Practice Masters, Inc. provides proactive compliance-oriented consultation services to outpatient healthcare service providers of all specialties relative to proper documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement with a focus on mitigating post-payment recoupment and fraud risk.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Practice Masters, Inc. has been qualified as an Independent Review Organization by the HHS OIG and has been qualified to provide compliance monitoring services in a number of states on behalf of the state‚Äôs Attorney General or licensure boards.

Regardless of our role, the outpatient specialty or the issue, clients can expect competent objective analysis and advice from some of the most highly qualified and credentialed experts in the industry.