Guidance You Can Rely On!

Practice Masters, Inc. has over twenty years of experience providing proactive compliance-oriented consultation services to outpatient healthcare service providers of all specialties relative to proper documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement.  Our focus has been consistent:  mitigating post-payment recoupment risk, as well as fraud risk.  Our objective has also been consistent: provide you with information you NEED to hear rather than information you WANT to hear.  While this doesn’t always make us popular, it is the reason why so many providers trust Practice Masters, Inc. for competent and correct compliance advice.

Unlike many consulting firms that provide general or unresearched answers to your questions, we analyze the issues relative to the questions you raise in the context of the specific contract and/or medical policy requirements for the payer or payers that you report services to.  We will provide complete information so that you can make an informed choice regarding when and how to code, document and report services to third party payers.

We also provide consultation relative to a host of other practice administrative issues to include:  properly integrating performance of non-covered services so as to avoid running afoul of responsibilities to contracted payers, multi-disciplinary practice integration, proper documentation strategies, and practice policy development guidance to include patient financial policies, hardship policies, collection policies, courtesy service policies, etc.  Finally, we can provide assistance with development of HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies, as well as fraud and abuse compliance planning.

Simple pay-as-you-go consultation programs are available so that you only pay for the help you need.