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Payor Policy is Important – I attended the 2009 AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) convention in Las Vegas. Perhaps the most valued lesson relearned there was from Mike Miscoe, CPC, JD. Yes, he is a certified professional coder and an attorney. Mike is one of the most knowledgeable consultants in health care reimbursement that I know. His breakout session was on Physical Medicine therapies, which are commonly used by most doctors of chiropractic (as well as PTs and DOs). I relearned the hard realities of payer policy.”

DH Leavitt, ChiroCode Hot Topics Newsletter,
March 2009.


Just wanted to say thank you for relaying your expertise on coding in a way that even I could understand!! (Being a first year Doc, coding was like Greek!) I appreciate your patience, enthusiasm, kindness, but most importantly your honesty and integrity. All new DCs should be required to take your seminars and learn the ropes the right way!!! Again, thank you! You are a pleasure to learn from and be around!

Dr. Cara Killwij


Billing Insurance companies for reimbursement is something that a lot of Doctors still choose to do to better serve their patients. Mike Miscoe is the expert in the field of insurance billing. He has full knowledge and understanding of the codes, the rules and regulations. He is also on top of all of the changes. PMI has helped me tremendously with insurance issues dealing with substantiating the need for patient care and with coding. He is dedicated and works extremely hard to serve you. His services have made a difference in my practice. The difference can be measured in thousands of dollars. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Richard M. Rafferty

To Whom It May Concern

For over a decade I’ve used PMI’s services and have implemented their programs. From when I was a small business to now being one of the largest practices in the business, it is without question the most complete program on the market and Mike Miscoe is the most knowledgeable individual that I know of in the consulting business. As a lecturer and consultant myself, I have encountered a variety of systems in offices and many companies have asked me to look at their consulting programs, software systems and products. I have not found anything more complete to run the insurance billing aspect of my practice than what PMI offers.

Dr. Neal Fanelli

Fellow DC's

It’s great to have PMI in our back pocket when going up against insurance companies who are unfairly denying our care. Their help with documentation and coding is what permits us to collect so effectively. Their background and our experience with them have proven the validity and reliability of the information that is provided. I hold their opinions and wealth of information in high esteem.

Dr. Jamie Leighow


I just received the material from the medical necessity/treatment planning seminar. It is very, very, good. You did a really great job with the treatment plan worksheet, examination, problem list, diagnosis, goals and SOAP note forms. It’s like documentation for dummies. This is really good stuff. Thanks! Your hard work makes my life much better.

Dr. Kevin L. Long


Just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my practice in the past year. As a direct result of your knowledgeable, ethical consulting, I’ve become a better doctor, my patients receive better care, and my practice is (correctly) compensated.

In the past year, we have challenged an won peer reviews against big insurance companies and increased our profitability by $75K – accomplishments we only dreamed about a year ago. All this has given me the confidence that we are providing excellent care and managing our office with the highest standards.

You have truly made me a better doctor and my practice a better place. On behalf of myself, my family and my patients, I thank you.

Dr. Kevin L. Long


I would like to take a moment to thank you for lunch during the recent seminar at the Hilton in Allentown. I found the seminar very informative and ethical. I appreciate your work in this area as well as your willingness to develop and share it with the rest of the profession. I would recommend your material to anyone who has the goals of getting paid for services provided – and who want to do it in an ethical manner. I look forward to future seminars.

Dr. Gary J. Greve, ACRBII

Dear Practice Masters

I cannot tell you how your instruction related to treatment planning and coding has changed this practice. We have increased our receivables and what’s better, our collections have improved. Insurance companies are glad to approve the treatment! M.D.’s are also impressed with our documentation and approach to treatment and are happy to refer. It’s been a very good thing for our practice. My staff, myself, insurance carrier’s, attorneys (if one is involved), any other doctors, all know exactly what the patient is being treated for and why. This has solved alot of our patient flow problems as well. The girls get the patients where they need to be and things run much better and smoother as a result. This has absolutely cut down on the amount of confusion for anyone. Before this, I thought we were doing a pretty good job!!! Best of all, the patient’s are happier. The only problem is that our new patient volume has increased dramatically. It’s a nice problem to have.

Thank you so much for your help!!!!!

Dr. Julie Ann Martin, DACRB

Dear Practice Masters,

I just wanted to drop a note off to you to Thank You! Our clinic just completed our last training day and we are up and running. It was not easy converting to a new software package and documentation system after seven years using the Chiro 6000, Chiro 7000 systems from MBA Inc., but it was well worth it. Practice Masters Inc. has answered any and all billing and documentation questions we could throw at you. Our billing and collection HAS ALMOST DOUBLED IN APPROXIMATELY THREE MONTHS, with honest, ethical and lawful treatment and billing. Practice has become less stressful and is fun again. Thanks for all your help!

Dr. Jeff A. Biddle

Dear PMI:

I have been in practice for the past 23 years. Over those years I have had a number consultants and attended seminars to improve my practice and produce a better economic environment. (I was referred) to Practice Masters through a colleague who is well established, and prospering in spite of Managed Care. I attended an introductory seminar and it didn’t take me long to realize that (Practice Masters) knows their business. They teach how to bill appropriately (within the guidelines) and gave me the tools to apply on a daily basis. What was most impressive was that my production increased and so did my collections; better still is that my staff and I have a better handle on insurance and we work together as a team. Things get done more efficiently permitting me to see more patients.

Now that we have a complete knowledge and understanding of how insurance works, we more effectively educate our patients, which has improved patient collections and improved patient visit compliance.

Dr. Robert J. Corcetti

Dear Practice Masters,

Thanks Practice Masters for a great product (WinPMI) and your ability to teach the profession how to run a profitable yet ethical practice. Thanks for the incredible support both for the technical as well as the insurance related issues.

Dr. Anthony J. Gallo

To All the Folks At PMI:

Its a No Brainer ! “Just a quick note to let you know how much I really like the WinPMI software. The speed and efficiency is unlike any other program I have used. The support is also very good and my questions are always answered quickly.”

Dr. Dan Radack